bose in-ear headphonesBeing a fan of Bose products – owning both the Lifestyle and 3-2-1 Home Theatre Systems, Wave Radio/CD, Outdoor Speakers and Car Stereo System – you might expect to read a rave review here of their in-ear headphones. While it is positive overall, you won’t find me gushing over these, earbud-styled headphones. Inside the box you will find: In-ear headphones (of course), 3 silicone tips (S, M and L), clip and lanyard (for additional in-ear stability) and a carrying case. Price tag: $99.

The inclusion of the clip and lanyard, along with the noted “additional in-ear stability” should have been a clue that they may not be the best headphones for activity – one of the main reasons for purchasing a new pair of earbuds. I have been searching for a pair of quality headphones that stay put when doing general, walking-around type tasks – nothing overly strenuous like running or aerobics.

It came with the medium silicone tips installed and they didn’t feel right, so I switched to the small size which seemed to fit better. The silicone tips take some getting used to – it often feels like they are going to fall out – and unfortunately for me, the left one does occasionally slip out. I tried the lanyard and clip, however I found it to be too awkward and cumbersome.

As for the sound, there are absolutely no complaints here! I will not go into too much detail because this is where opinions can vary greatly, as everyone “listens” differently. Much like wine tasting, there will always be conflicting viewpoints as to quality, etc. I will say that I was immediately impressed by the sound quality, and only had to make a minor adjustment to lower the bass (probably because it was overly adjusted for the old earbuds). Now, if you are looking for noise-canceling headphones, these are not the ones (nor do they claim to be) – that is another Bose product.

The carrying case leaves something to be desired – like a piece to keep the headphones from getting caught in the zipper. I probably won’t use the case much anyway, but it would have been nice.

Since I am happy with the sound quality and will probably use them a lot while sitting at the computer, I will hold on to these headphones – however I will continue to search for quality earphones that will stay inside my ears, no matter what I am doing! These are great earbuds if you want to go to the lake with your best inflatable stand up paddleboard and enjoy your time on the water.