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Say Goodbye to the Fly Swatter as you know it


 Just Zap The Flying Bugs With A Simple Wave Of The Electric Mosquito/Bug Swatter 



We have been annoyed since day one by  flying insects.  Running around trying to find a means to squash them!.   Now this patented  electric bug swatter kills/electrocutes all flying insects such as mosquitos, flies, gnats  on contact, “just by waving at them.”   Any insect really!.

It looks like a small tennis racket.   A must for the home and garden! You can take it anywhere you go such as camping, the  BBQ, beach, and your  fishing trip. No more chasing down flying insects, just zap em with the Electric Bug Zapper with a  simple wave! 


The output power is relatively low, constituting no real hazard to humans or pets at all.  Electronic insect zapper kills insects upon contact when activated.
The  insect zapper has no smell, no poison or harmful materials.   Although the net will become hot when activated,  so please keep away from skin and children.  This is not a toy.

To kill the insect, hold the handle, press the switch and wield the swatter to make the insects touch the net surface.
Insects killed on the swatter surface can be brushed off or shaken off immediately. (Do not use water.).

It’s safe for indoor or outdoor use and praised the most effective, convenient and hygienic insect terminator. It leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after. No splats or smears on your clean walls, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture.  Just ‘fried’ bugs which will not bother your delicious Macaroni Salad or whatever your preparing! Although this isnt a piece of equipment you call can an arlington tx small appliance repair man to fix, you could probably find some troubleshooting instructions online.


  • On/Off Button. Press button to activate net /release button to de-activate net.  Red light indicates net is ‘hot’ (on).
  • Dimensions: 18″ L x 6.25″ W x 1″ H
  • Contact Net Area: 5.75″ wide x 7.5.” length.
  • Weight: 0.59 lbs
  • Uses 2 AA-sized batteries (not included)
  • Grid Voltage   1300-1500 VDC  2-3 mA max.

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Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse

Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical MouseI was a little hesitant to try this mouse, since the user comments on sites selling these gadgets were not the greatest. I must say though, that I typically take user comments with a grain of salt, unless they are unanimous in their overall opinion. I really did not need a wireless mouse, since I was fine with the laptop mouse I was using (and still do) – the Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, but since I got another laptop to search for a good gutter cleaning service in the omaha area, and often have both going on my desk, I couldn’t resist a new ‘toy’.

Some of the negative comments I found on merchant sites were size related, but I have to say that the wireless version is actually larger than it’s wired counterpart – each very comfortable (and I don’t have small hands). The left and right click buttons, along with the click wheel seem just about full size to me. It only takes one AA battery to operate and after a number of months, it is still going strong. Set up was a breeze!

This mouse comes with a USB receiver that snaps into the base of the mouse when not in use, which turns off the power – saving battery life. It has a range of at least 3 to 4 feet and I did not try to take it any farther, as that is basically the end of my desk and I really don’t see the reason to go beyond. It seems funny to me that some supposed user comments on a few sites noted that other brands had a range of up to 30 feet – I mean, really can you even see the screen at that distance? We are talking about a notebook mouse!

When shopping for a wireless optical mouse several months ago, I was surprised in the range of prices. Not wanting to spend a fortune, I ended up in the middle at about $40. The price has already come down and is now available for less than $30. I give the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse a big thumbs up, 5 stars, A+……for it’s ease of use, accuracy, reliability (travels well too)! Definitely worth a look!

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Bose In-Ear Stereo Headphones

bose in-ear headphonesBeing a fan of Bose products – owning both the Lifestyle and 3-2-1 Home Theatre Systems, Wave Radio/CD, Outdoor Speakers and Car Stereo System – you might expect to read a rave review here of their in-ear headphones. While it is positive overall, you won’t find me gushing over these, earbud-styled headphones. Inside the box you will find: In-ear headphones (of course), 3 silicone tips (S, M and L), clip and lanyard (for additional in-ear stability) and a carrying case. Price tag: $99.

The inclusion of the clip and lanyard, along with the noted “additional in-ear stability” should have been a clue that they may not be the best headphones for activity – one of the main reasons for purchasing a new pair of earbuds. I have been searching for a pair of quality headphones that stay put when doing general, walking-around type tasks – nothing overly strenuous like running or aerobics.

It came with the medium silicone tips installed and they didn’t feel right, so I switched to the small size which seemed to fit better. The silicone tips take some getting used to – it often feels like they are going to fall out – and unfortunately for me, the left one does occasionally slip out. I tried the lanyard and clip, however I found it to be too awkward and cumbersome.

As for the sound, there are absolutely no complaints here! I will not go into too much detail because this is where opinions can vary greatly, as everyone “listens” differently. Much like wine tasting, there will always be conflicting viewpoints as to quality, etc. I will say that I was immediately impressed by the sound quality, and only had to make a minor adjustment to lower the bass (probably because it was overly adjusted for the old earbuds). Now, if you are looking for noise-canceling headphones, these are not the ones (nor do they claim to be) – that is another Bose product.

The carrying case leaves something to be desired – like a piece to keep the headphones from getting caught in the zipper. I probably won’t use the case much anyway, but it would have been nice.

Since I am happy with the sound quality and will probably use them a lot while sitting at the computer, I will hold on to these headphones – however I will continue to search for quality earphones that will stay inside my ears, no matter what I am doing! These are great earbuds if you want to go to the lake with your best inflatable stand up paddleboard and enjoy your time on the water.

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Mobile Is Bigger Than The Internet

Your Business Needs An App To Compete
There are reasons why the big companies such as Coca-Cola and Campbell and dumpster rentals in omaha have their own apps – it is all about being in the customers’ mind 24 hours a day.

If you don’t have a mobile app… your business is falling behind…
The New York Times

“Mobile marketing is the most powerful media ever invented” The most powerful media ever invented? Over TV, Radio, Print… and even dare we say it… the Internet? Yup. It’s that good…

Create a tremendous viral buzz with Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing capabilities. Apps are designed and developed to help grow your business.

Local Business Mobile Apps talk the talk, while walking the walk. Check us out on ANY device, right now. Most Mobile marketing companies, that would like you to work with them…are not even mobile-ready themselves. Test them out, we did.

If you ever wanted to work with a team that…really gets it! I mean…finger-on-the-pulse, over-the-top creative juices that are ready and waiting to spill onto your favorite pet project. We can have you up and running in 24 hours or less. Whether, it is a Mobile website, Mobile App or Custom FB Timeline cover or social media site setup.

Mobile App and website Promotion service

We can honestly say that there is NO company that can match our passion for excellence, our resources and knowledge of ALL social media sites, influential and unorthodox methods.

We can supply your company with every and anything you may need to stand-out online and to expand your social media presence.

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DVD Maker USB 2.0

419A-bAQcmL._SY300_Do you have boxes and boxes of family videos on VHS tape that you would like to transfer to DVD without paying a fortune? If so, then the DVD Maker USB 2.0 may be the product you are looking for – just remember that you usually get what you pay for, so you may have to adjust your expectations. Following is my review of :

Having two college-aged kids, I though it would be nice to take all of the VHS tapes that had accumulated over the years, from infancy, preschool, dance recitals, sports, high-school events, family holidays, etc., and transfer them to DVD for the kids (and myself) to keep with their treasured mementos. After doing some online research, I found the DVD Maker USB 2.0 to be the product with the most positive reviews, the least amount of negative feedback and the most reasonably priced (between $45-$60).

The box contained:
1 capture device – USB 2.0 Plug-and-Play Interface
1 “Quick Start Guide”
1 CD-ROM with driver, utilities and basic user manual
1 CD-Rom with Cyberlink PowerDirector v5 software and PowerProducer v4 software

The Quick Start Guide amounted to about ¼ of a page in English – the rest of the sheet was translated into other languages. It all seemed simple enough, so I really wasn’t worried. I installed the software and the driver utilities CDs and proceed to plug the capture device into my computer and VCR.

On one end of the capture device are cords for your source, a yellow video (composite) connection, audio (red and white) connection and an s-video connection. On the other end are the cords to connect to your computer, a USB 2.0 plug and Audio Out (to be plugged into your line-in port for sound).

Problem – I have an old VCR which only has one audio port (white) and this device has two (red and white). I searched for a splitter without any luck, so I had to borrow a “newer” VCR from a friend in order to make the sound work.

After wasting too much time trying to solve that problem, I had it working. Note – I was able to view my small cassettes directly from the video camera without any problem, but for the really old, large VHS tapes, I needed the VCR.

The PowerProducer program contains several options, one allows you to transfer your movie “Right-to-Disc” and another option, “Produce Movie Disc,” allows you to make a more customized DVD, like breaking your movie up into snippets or chapters. There are other options for managing and editing your videos. I was never able to get the “Right-to-Disc” option to work – after about 30 minutes into the movie, the program would freeze up and I would have to reboot the computer and start over. It became very frustrating and was not happy with the lack of product support available.

I ended up using the “Produce Movie Disc” option for everything, which isn’t all bad, as the end result turns out to be a better presentation and easier deal with when viewing, since you can select “chapters’ to view individually if you don’t want to watch the entire movie. It was nice to cut out all of the dead space and lousy takes from the original tape.

I did not use the PowerDirector software much, because whenever I tried to do something with it, I was prompted to upgrade – it seems these programs are the lite version. It would have been helpful if there were manuals included with the software instead of having to hunt for one online.

As for the quality of the recorded DVDs, they turned out to be fairly decent after tweaking the sound settings on my computer and keeping in mind the quality of the original videos. The more recent tapes came out perfect, while the old, grainy tapes came out as new, grainy, DVDs. In the end, I am just grateful for the ability to copy the movies to a format that allows my family to continue to enjoy old times.

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External Hard Drive Backup – A Must!

external harddriveThis overlooked, but extremely important little computer gadget has been sitting on my desktop for a while and deserves some recognition. Like many things in our everyday lives it goes unnoticed, or taken for granted until an emergency or some sort of situation arises. Take telephones for example, yes, I am talking about those old fashioned land-lines. They sit there, ignored for our cell phones, until that little gadget gets dropped in the dog’s water bowl – then what do I, uh, we reach for? Yep, old faithful.

I shopped around a bit before deciding on the Seagate 200gb Push button Backup External Hard Drive, considering factors such as price, size of the unit, storage capacity, user-friendliness and tech support. The price was definitely right and the 200gb model was plenty of storage for me – that handles 64,000 digital photos, 3330 hours of music, 200 hours of digital video, or 50 two-hour movies. They also make units up to 750gb, which stores 240,000 digital photos, 12,495 hours of digital music, 750 hours of digital video, or 375 games.

The unit runs very quietly (my laptop makes more noise!) and stays cool. The back-up software, Bounce Back Express, is very easy to work with and I have had no problems. My first backup did take some time to run, but subsequent backups have been relatively quick since only the new changes are backed up. You can connect and disconnect the unit without shutting down your computer, which is very nice. Keep in mind though, that if you do not keep it plugged in, or at least plug it in on a regular basis, it cannot back up your stuff and be ready to save your life! The unit is also stackable, should you want to expand your storage. You get the standard one-year warranty, but more importantly you get free tech support for life!

Here are the specs for my unit, as shown on the box:

7200 RPM, 8MB cache, 350 Gs non operating shock resistance, Less than 27 acoustic decibels, 3.5 inch hard drive, horizontal dimensions (7.125?d x 6.5?w x 2.25?h), vertical dimensions with pedestal (7.125? d x 3?w x 6.75?h), weight 2lb 9.5 oz.

PC users: Available USB 2.0 or USB 1.1 port or Windows-certified FireWire port. Microsoft Windows XP, Me, 2000, 98SE

Mac users: Same as above (USB,FireWire). Mac OS X, OS 9.2.2 and higher.

My unit came packaged with USB cable, FireWire, AC adapter, power cord, quick start guide and bundled software cd.

In my opinion, the External Hard Drive Backup is a must for everyone who uses their computer to store everything from their treasured photos and videos, to music, or even dull, boring tax records. Even though you may not want to think about it, think about it. It is inevitable – computers crash, files get lost, lightening strikes. Whether this model is for you is your own personal decision, but it is certainly very wise to protect yourself from the unavoidable casualties of the computer world!…

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Review of Laplink’s PCmover

pcmoverI purchased this program to migrate a ton of programs and files from my old computer onto my new computer. Being a novice at this kind of stuff, I wasn’t exactly sure what I needed, but found this little kit at a local Office Depot and decided to give it a try. It looked extremely simple, so I was a little skeptical.  In the box with the PC Mover program was a Laplink USB 1.1 silver cable and additional software called File Mover.

The basic system requirements are:

-Windows 95/98/NT 4.0/Me/2000/Media Center/XP (home & pro)

-Intel or compatible 486 DX or higher processor

-16 MB RAM

– 20 MB of hard disk space

– 20 MB of hard disk space

Set up went very smoothly, until I tried to actually start the transfer. The program was behaving like my connections were not complete. Going through the troubleshooting, I somehow came upon a solution as easy as switching the cables around, and it worked. Aside from that little glitch, everything worked perfectly.

The transfer time was fairly lengthy; however I had many programs and files to move. Keep in mind that some licensed programs may require you to insert the original disk, or enter your original program key code, just to verify that you are the owner of the program.  I still use File Mover occasionally to transfer items between computers, as a back-up measure.  I recommend PCmover based on the ease of use, and their product support. Many of the questions can be answered online through their FAQ section, along with the ability to get live help, via chat.

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