Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical MouseI was a little hesitant to try this mouse, since the user comments on sites selling these gadgets were not the greatest. I must say though, that I typically take user comments with a grain of salt, unless they are unanimous in their overall opinion. I really did not need a wireless mouse, since I was fine with the laptop mouse I was using (and still do) – the Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000, but since I got another laptop to search for a good gutter cleaning service in the omaha area, and often have both going on my desk, I couldn’t resist a new ‘toy’.

Some of the negative comments I found on merchant sites were size related, but I have to say that the wireless version is actually larger than it’s wired counterpart – each very comfortable (and I don’t have small hands). The left and right click buttons, along with the click wheel seem just about full size to me. It only takes one AA battery to operate and after a number of months, it is still going strong. Set up was a breeze!

This mouse comes with a USB receiver that snaps into the base of the mouse when not in use, which turns off the power – saving battery life. It has a range of at least 3 to 4 feet and I did not try to take it any farther, as that is basically the end of my desk and I really don’t see the reason to go beyond. It seems funny to me that some supposed user comments on a few sites noted that other brands had a range of up to 30 feet – I mean, really can you even see the screen at that distance? We are talking about a notebook mouse!

When shopping for a wireless optical mouse several months ago, I was surprised in the range of prices. Not wanting to spend a fortune, I ended up in the middle at about $40. The price has already come down and is now available for less than $30. I give the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Optical Mouse a big thumbs up, 5 stars, A+……for it’s ease of use, accuracy, reliability (travels well too)! Definitely worth a look!