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Top Carpet Cleaning Tips You Really Need To Know

Carpets may be the most neglected parts of our homes. We don’t actually give attention to them very often but we stand on them, walk over them, sit and sometimes, even sleep on them! Have you ever thought of giving your carpets back the love that they deserve for all their hard work? Yes? Well then, in this article, you will be able to get tips and tricks on how to do the best and many ways to clean your carpet.

Carpet cleaning tips are everywhere, ranging from the most basic to the most complex. However, we feel that some of those that we consider as basics are the ones that could really help us keep our carpets clean and prolong their lives. So, we have come up with the top carpet cleaning tips that you really need to know. Feel free to browse through the various economical carpet cleaning basics listed below, and let your carpet cleaning nightmares be turned into the sweetest dreams in a breeze.

Know the carpet material. First things first, you have to know what type of material is your carpet made of. Some materials are more sensitive than the others, so it is best to know if your carpet can stand rigorous scrubbing, extracting or spotting, and even certain types of cleaning agents. Although most carpets are durable and can camouflage tracking marks, the loop and cut and loop types are the most popular for busy homes as these types do not allow dirt to sink deep into the carpet.

Choose cleaning products wisely. Don’t buy on impulse. Read product descriptions carefully. You have to get the mildest cleaning products for your carpet. This carpet cleaning tip will not only help you clean the dirt and dust that have accumulated on your carpet, but also care for the safety of the carpet’s material as well. Stronger products are for stubborn stains. If you only need a cleaning product for regular scrubbing, go for the mildest ones that you can get. Always remember to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions to be sure that you are doing the right thing when using such products.

Routine vacuuming does the trick. Dirt and grease are regular unwelcomed visitors that stay on our carpets. The longer you leave them to settle ON the carpet, the harder it is to remove them FROM the carpet. Always include vacuuming as part of your cleaning to-do list. This carpet cleaning tip will definitely help you keep your carpet looking great even after quite some time, and avoid the need to get more expensive cleaning products. Keep in mind that ‘Prevention is better than cure’. Frequent vacuuming will let you take out the dirt and grease sooner, avoiding dust build-up, rather than letting them stay on the carpet for long. Vacuuming thrice a week is fine for carpet maintenance, but you may want to consider doing it daily to remove loose dirt. Be sure to cover the whole area of the carpet and that you don’t miss any spot. Try dividing the carpet area onto segments and work your way from one segment to another.

Blot spills immediately. Once you accidentally spill liquids onto the carpet, don’t rub them off. Blot them immediately. Rubbing the spill off will only worsen it since this will only make the affected area larger. Blotting will lessen the occurrence of stain on your carpet. There are different stain removal steps to follow when dealing with particular stains, but a general carpet cleaning tip is to use baking soda on fresh stains. Just pour it dry over the new stain and let it foam and bubble. Sponge it up thoroughly afterwards and pat the area with paper towels until it gets dry.

Warm water cleans carpets better. As professional cleaners refer to this as steam cleaning, one carpet cleaning tip is to use warm water when cleaning your carpet. This will loosen the dirt and grime that seeped into the carpet, allowing them to get softer and letting you get a cleaner feel afterwards. Remember not to use too much water, though, because you might end up ruining your valuable carpet. The right amount of water will help avoid carpet shrinkage and discoloration.

Sunny day means carpet cleaning day. It is best to clean your carpet on a warm, sunny day. This will allow the carpet to dry faster after shampooing, protecting your carpets from mold and mildew. One additional carpet cleaning tip: clean your carpets wearing a clean pair of socks to minimize leaving dirt traces on the carpet.

Get professional help once in a while. It is advised that you get professional help at least once a year in cleaning your carpet. This carpet cleaning tip will be beneficial to your family’s health as these professionals will get down and dirty in making your carpet clean as new. You will then have to just do regular weekly carpet cleaning, which includes vacuuming and shampooing, for maintenance.

Caring for your precious carpets may really be expensive and out of budget if you let things go out of hand. However, knowing the right things to do to prevent this from happening will help us save more bucks and still achieve great results. Change the way you perceive carpet cleaning and follow the easy carpet cleaning tips above. You and your family will surely enjoy the comfort and luxury of having a fresh, clean carpet at home.

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